Coffee and Cake


Today, I’m really chuffed to say, it was Coffee Time with Hugs!

It was a really wonderful time at St Column … there were about 5o people there, so no Billy no Mates after all…. and I came away with a very warm glow, having met so many wonderful people.  I learnt so much about community today….and a lot of that had to do with “hugs”. I met so many who have been widowed or who are alone and what they really miss is someone to give them a hug. It is simple, we need to care more for each other and not be afraid to hug.

Life gets in the way sometimes and we over-complicate stuff… little things make all the difference.

Anyway I’m getting carried away, because I heard some wonderful stories and how lives can change overnight, for the better and worse and I also witnessed one particular amazing connection …. thank you.

My mum’s cake was a success too ( and maybe my Mum will come with me next time, but only if she makes a chocolate cake) and it was so lovely also to see the police, local vicar and Mayor enjoying it too!!

After St Column I headed off to Padstow…. gorgeous journey with a snowy looking sky. It was lovely meeting the vicar of Padstow, Father Chris and standing overlooking the Camel Estuary with him. His obvious delight at the way ecumenical working is succeeding at St Petroc’s Church is very good to see. I stood alone at the estuary after he had left and felt so fortunate to be in such a place.

I really have to stop myself to be honest getting all reflective, I have s tendency to do that and it’s a bit annoying I’m sure!

I stayed around for a while this evening to collect my son from Crossfit ( he’s into his fitness, big-time) and driving to Goonhavern, I was struck by the beautiful sky…. the space station was up and I think I will always be in awe of how people actually live and work up there! Can you imagine the Victorians ever forseeing something like that??

And when we arrived home, the whole village was in darkness…. there was a huge power-cut. And a sign of the times, after lighting candles, my first thought was the fact I only had 10% charge left on my phone and how could I cope without it? Again, what would the Victorians have thought about the way we love now?

It was very atmospheric though having the house in candle-light, bug what a relief when the power came back on.


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