Moments of Pleasure


My son is 18 in a few days’ time and I’ve been going through photographs and pictures of milestones in his life to
give to him on the day. It’s been an emotional process to be honest ….looking at pictures of him as a tiny newborn who wouldn’t be put down and who would only ever be carried, to a fairly strapping young lad contemplating a completely independent life, it is hard to believe where the years have gone.

It has passed in the blink of an eye, a life measured in snapshot moments and photos…….by the ever decreasing height of a Christmas tree for example, no longer a toddler who needs to be picked up to put the Angel on the top, but a young man who can extend an arm and it’s there. In the photographs, the tree each year is always in the same place and familiar signatures of home are still all there, it is only us who are changing. Probably and rightly, an indication of how much less we, as adults are needed now.
In the impending freedom of seeing your child grow and flourish and take the steps into adulthood, we inevitably, quietly take a step back and become the observers, encouraging and hoping that the world ahead is safe and welcoming for the next generation and a place where dreams and hopes can be realised.
Perhaps life is just that though…. a series of moments to be cherished and held on to and savoured, just like photographs….. tucked away and brought out when you feel the need. To remember and bring to life once again that moment that was worthy of capturing and preserving in time.
There is a song called “Moments of Pleasure” by Kate Bush .. if you get a minute, have a listen, because it’s beautiful and it talks about the simple moments in life which actually mean everything.
And it really is the simple things that mean everything…….we can get caught up striving to be better, more successful, measuring ourselves against others, thinking that we need to keep foraging forward because if we don’t, somehow we have failed, and yet, we don’t need to do any of that, because what we have, what is the most important of all, is right here with us, right now.
We just have to stop and capture the moment.

Thank you for sparing the time to read this,



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