Stormy Weather


I have a few days off so am sitting here listening to what could be Storm Doris or whatever it inevitably comes to be called. It is really grim, but I have my coffee and a bit of time to reflect a little on a very odd few days.

I haven’t posted for a while, because I lost my last blog.. still not sure where it went, but fingers crossed this will be alright. I’m not brilliant with technical type things and don’t have that handy reset button at home, but still, I’ll give it a go.

To be honest, I think the world could do with a giant reset button at the moment. We all seem to be out of alignment over so many issues. Of course, Donald Trump and his executive orders causing so much anguish, pain and confusion across the world. The collective condemnation from so many and the protests seen in so many cities and towns…. even here in Cornwall… showing so much compassion for the less fortunate. But, at the same time, I find it unsettling that this in itself creates division. There is almost a feeling that unless you oppose Trump whole-heartedly, then somehow you are inherently wicked…. Melanie Phillips wrote a very good article about this in yesterday’s Times. It’s worth reading and good for her, for having the courage to be a lone voice in the wilderness.

It reminds me of the divisions over Brexit and how, especially in the immediate aftermath of the referendum, both sides of the voting public were so quick to judge each other in divisions which obviously haven’t yet healed.

Sadly, we all have the capacity to be judgmental, despite the fact none of us would want to admit we are. It can be heard in the tone of many a discussion..I’m mainly thinking of some of the radio/ tv news debates recently, which perhaps haven’t been quite as unbiased/ impartial as we have come to,  rightly, expect. Passionately held views, especially when perceived to be those held by the majority, can often ill-advisedly, make a break for freedom, even by the most experienced journalist/ broadcaster.

Tone is also a word that has been cropping up this week.. in relation to the Church of England and its stance on sexuality. Many say they’ve been betrayed by the House of Bishops’ report after years of those so-called ” shared conversations”. I must be careful

when using the phrase” so-called” because again that could be interpreted as being judgmental, but I honestly only mean it to mean that that is what the conversations were called. ( I hope you’re following this:)

It was perhaps always inevitable that the Church would adhere to marriage as being between a man and a woman.. but the report’s tone has been criticised, with many saying they feel judged and vulnerable after baring their souls as part of the discussions. You have to feel for both sides….for a Church which, with the best will in the world, will always be beholden to traditional interpretation of the Gospel and by human beings who want to be able to live out their lives in the same way as heterosexuals, without having to feel in some way, inferior.

My view, as in most things, is a very simple one and I am obviously, in no way, a theologian, but I like to ask myself, what Jesus Himself would say? I think He would open his arms and say ” Welcome”, for  the Bible /Gospel is the Word of God, but surely Love transcends even the Word??

Anyway, the discussions will be around for a long time yet!!

On a very different subject, I had a prang in my car on Monday. Cornwall is a wonderful place to live, but the roads are a nightmare…very narrow and windy obviously. Anyway, I had just turned into a road and was hit by an oncoming van. The van driver and I were both ok, but it has made me realise that life can change in an instant and if I hadn’t been in my LandRover, I’m sure any car would have been a write-off. So, despite the fact she’s very old (the LandRover)and falling to pieces, I’m keeping her forever……. she’s called Abigail, by the way 🙂

Also, I’m thinking of starting sugar-free February at some point… but only after I’ve finished off the custard tarts, Jaffa cake bars and bakewells in my fridge 🙂

Thank you for reading this, have a good storm-free day,



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